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星期日, 12月 26, 2010

Lonely Christmas and New Year

I have grown out of my twentyness (finally) at the age of 32. Thereafter, I spend every christmas day and new year's day alone, abroad or pigging at home.

I was no longer tempted by the numbskull thumpa thumpa, the clouds of fantasy, fountains of intoxication, fake pretty young things and the feeling of being out-of-control, out-of-this-world.

End of exploration? The fact is, I have not done with exploring myself. Every time I am this close of facing my inner demons, I choose to retreat with a big step of self denial. I know it will be futile to keep asking when will I be ready to move on to the next signigicant phase of my life. In fact I already know the answer. One will never be ready enough.

The elements of uncertainties often present itself as a big mental wall for many. I am not spared. Some might find it easy to break through but some will simply be retarded by this wall. I heard many have said, time ... time will be the key to unlock the door that remains so apparent yet being deliberately ignored for so long.

I think I have found the key but I lost my way and I couldnt find the door.

Life is always a bitch and it bites.

星期二, 12月 21, 2010

Fist bump and taichi slap

I wanted to laugh so hard whenever someone greets me with a fist bump. (I remember my first fist bump experiene many moons ago. LOL . I deflected my collegue's first fist bump with my taichi slap!!! LOL. Not bad huh, natural instinct. I stiil find it so damn funny)

星期四, 12月 16, 2010

Who's your master of your fate, and who's the captain of your soul

I was reading blog entries made by a mother narrating how she copes with the difficult times of her son fighting for his life in a near-death-car-accident.

There is no doubt that her son is a fighter. I believe the courage, perserverance and her faith motivates her son to get better.

The emotional roller coaster and the anxieties due to the uncertainties of her son's recovery, were beyond anyone's comprehension.

The rehab would be a long dejavu. Imagine, her sonny boy needs to relearn all basic living skills... swallowing, talking, walking.... etc.

For now, I believe she remains the captain of her sonny boy's soul and her faith is the master of her sonny boy's fate.

I sincerely wish the better for both mother and son..

星期二, 2月 10, 2009


I think Everything is nothing, including faith.

Nothing itself is arbiturary. including this thought.

When mortals like us reached a consensus, nothing becomes everything.

And Everything is us.

L.K.P and H.L.T

LKP = La Ko Pi
HLT = Hang Lo Ti

We adpoted this code for Tea break.

I think LKP and HLT are both very good name for a coffe shop!

星期日, 2月 01, 2009

Excuse me? Lu Si Mi Si Hock Kean Lang

Every CNY, I look forward to catch up with my ex-councillor mates. Not so much on the little tips of parenting that they shared but the occasional thought provoking "why-s" that crystallised out of our conversation.

They were sharing about how to enrol their kids to Primary School. Good and Famous ones. While, this doesn't guarantee them that their kids will turn out to be successful in years to come, I agree that the environment and influences will grant them a good head start.

Alumni, Parent volunteering, location, Donation...... blah blah........ then, a father of three boys exclaimed that getting acquainted with one of the Huay-Guans....(a society/association formed by a particular dialect group) will give them an edge over others as some of these famous primary schools are affiliated with these huay guans.

Here comes the interesting questions...

A: "But if I am not HOCK KEIN, can I join as a member in that HUAY GUAN"

B: "Of coz not, u have to be a HOCK KEIN"

A: "Can I tell them that I am HOCKKEIN"

B: "But u are not. Your IC or BC has ya dialect group documented"

Souplad: " Can't you request to change your dialect group like you wanna change your religion"

B: "Can meh"

Souplad: " Why not"

A: "I don't think so. If your parents hockkein, you are hockkein. I think it is in the genes"

Souplad: " Har? I understand ethnic group and race cannot change coz this is how this system discriminate us, but dialect group ..... I don't think so lor"

A: "Dialect group is another means to further differentiate chinese"

Souplad: " But we are SINGAPOREAN CHINESE. Nobody (i am sure), calls u a SINGAPOREAN HOCKKEIN, SINGAPOREAN CANTONESE etc"

The conversation ceased... coz I think it's kinda getting heavy and our attention are distracted by the kids...


星期三, 1月 28, 2009

Blessed with curses

I do not like options but I am often blessed or cursed by them.

An annual gathering with my good old ex-colleagues-cum-friends vs a dinner thrown by my client.

I will definitely be at ease and enjoy the former. However, the latter seem to be an important dinner for me to network.


星期二, 1月 27, 2009

靠夭! 老虎被披着猪皮的羊吃了!

靠夭! 老虎被披着猪皮的羊吃了!




哎呀! 拿不起来啦!

都跟你说了... 你是拿不起来的!

(O x O)